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Post  DHDoxies on Sun Sep 08, 2013 12:32 am

Flair is 1yr old now and had his first show the 24th & 25th of August. Didn't win any points, took first in a whopping class that consisted of just him LOL, and went reserve winners to one of Maria's boys Hugo a seasoned show dog (again it was only him & Hugo). All in all a discouraging experience, Maria did finish Hugo at that show though Smile. He wouldn't keep his head up, wanted to sniff the ground when going around the ring, I screwed up on the down and back the first day, judge said he was giving the points to Hugo because he was better trained than Flair. I was however proud of my little man & the way he behaved, he didn't bark at the people there, he didn't bark at the other dogs & try to nip them in the backside LOL, & he didn't back away from the judge. We are still working on improving on stacking & on free stacking. Maria wants to take him to the Murfreesboro show & the Mini Roundup but the way it looks now he won't be able to attend either one (funds).

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