How to House Train your Dachchund

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How to House Train your Dachchund Empty How to House Train your Dachchund

Post  Rhodach on Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:02 am

I put this together in 2006 because this subject came up on a daily basis and I got fed up of typing out details of such a big subject, these suggestions are from many other forum members at the time,reading countlless numbers of threads and my own ideas flung in for good measure. Initially I was emailing info to members and sent out over 2000 copies in 8 months including to breeders who wanted it to put in their puppy packs, then it was uploaded to a dachsie forum and I have added it to 4 more forums since including this one


Firstly CONGRATULATIONS on choosing the best breed in the world.

When you get your puppy home everything is new to it and a bit over whelming,take it outside to an area that you want it to do it's business[if the puppy has not had all it's shots make sure it's somewhere no unvaccinated dog can get to] start using a key word that you only use then,"potty" "wee" "quick" anything you are comfortable using and don't mind the neighbours hearing.

Don't worry if the pup wanders off to some other area bring it back and keep repeating that key word. If after 15 mins nothing has happened then bring the pup in and put it in a confined area,kitchen or crate if you have one and after 10 mins. repeat the same thing all over again,continue like this until the pup does something then this is the time to make a big fuss really go overboard, cuddles, kisses,tell them how good they have been and give them a really tasty treat which is kept for house training only,cheese works well for me,others suggest chicken or hot dog,just make sure that this item is always available. NEVER LIMIT ACCESS TO WATER it doesn't help and could make your pup dehydrated and ill.

You need to keep an eye on your pup as soon you will pick up on the signs that it is about to do something,frantically sniffing and going in circles,some scrape the floor it's at this point you need to use the "out" word to let them know that is where they should be doing their business. When the pup is a bit older try putting a brass bell hanging on the back door,every time you go out with the pup touch the bell with his nose to make a sound and he will soon learn this is how he alerts you to his needs,you only need to listen for the bell when you are occupied else where. Some folk find it easier to put the pup on a lead attached to their waist so the pup cannot go anywhere on it's own,this may work with an older dog who is maybe from a rescue,I'd be worried about stepping on a small pup.

The pup should be put outside every 1/2-1 hour initially,after a nap or being fed and the same routine as above is followed. After the pup has performed you can relax for a short time and play with the pup but always keeping them in sight,if you need to leave the room for any reason,confine the pup to a crate or enclosed area till you return,I have been known to put my pup to stand in the bath whilst I am using the toilet,very handy first thing in the morning and you need to go before going downstairs with the pup for it's first wee of the day. In the early weeks you will have to get up in the night and take them for a wee, at night when we sleep our metabolim slows down and therefore not as much urine is produced so one visit outside is usually enough. I have any new pup to sleep on my bed and I find they will alert me by getting restless that they need out,so a very sleepy pair go down and let the pup do it's business,don't encourage any games afterwards as you want the pup to go back to sleep again. If you are using a crate keep it in the bedroom by the bed initially so you can be alerted easily without the whole house being woken by a yelping pup.

This routine carries on day in day out extending the times between visits outside by 1/2 hour at a time,if there is an accident,ignore it,clean up and go back a step with the timing.

For those of you who are in apartments and want to use pads or litter trays the routine is just the same only taking the pup to the pad/tray instead of outside.

Consistancy from all the family members is the main thing and don't chastise the pup at all ,if they have an accident then you have not been watching them properly.

For cleaning up any accidents I have been told to use diluted Biological washing liquid,always rinse thoroughly,allow to dry completely then spray with surgical spirit which breaks down the fat in the urine which holds the odour,this can be used on carpets, I also give a good squirt of Febreeze. If you don't get rid of the odour completely the pup will return to the same place time and again.

If you are going out and leaving the pup in it's crate remember their bladders are not very big initially and you have to expect a couple of wet patches when you come back,when the pup is bigger make sure the area in the crate is not big enough for a "wee" area and a sleep area,the crate should just be big enough to allow the pup to lie down and turn around. If the pup is being left in the kitchen provide some newspaper for the pup to use as a toilet,better than puddles all over the floor.

Eventually everything will click in place but it is worth remembering that dachsgunds are not easy to housetrain and as long as you follow the above you will get there in the end. You may have relapses when something changes in their lives but just go back to basics for a few days and it will click back into place.

Scent marking can be a problem with unneutered dogs but is not always cured by having them neutered,bitches can scent mark too.

I do hope I have covered this subject to everyones satisfaction,as it is a lengthy one it will be added to the FAQ so members old and new can be pointed towards it without us having to go through it every time.

Thanks for any input

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