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Rules for this Site

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:20 pm

This forum is to educate and support show breeders and pet owners of the dachshund breed. Members of the forum come from all across the world and may have different idea's and interests as far as their specific idea of the dachshund breed. It is wise and appropriate to consider various opinions and critiques when posting on this forum.

This forum was designed with the idea in mind to help and educate serious dachshund breeders who desire to show and want to learn more about the correct dachshund standard and learn more about the dachshund breed, with the intent and desire to show. Pet owners are welcome to join as well.

There will be moderators set in place to survey and monitor the board for any disputes or allegations that may take place. I have devised a set of basic forum rules and guidelines that MUST be followed. Any disregard of these rules will be followed with a warning and possible deletion of users account..

The rules are as follows:
-Comments that contain any verbal abuse towards another member will be deleted.
-Continuous warnings may result in deletion of account.
-Profanity and vulgarity will be deleted.
-If you have a dispute with another member, please send a private message or email.
-Do not discuss non-dachshund issues on a specific dachshund topic or personal issues you may have with a particular person on this board.
-If you have a question or statement that involves a particular issue, post it in the section or category that it falls under.
-Only show potential, evaluated pups/adults or pet quality dachshunds being sold on limited AKC, can be posted in the for sale section. If any dachshunds are posted for sale on full AKC that have not been evaluated for show, the post will be deleted.
-Please do not post any pictures of puppies or dogs that you do not own unless you have first gotten permission to do so.

This forum is in it's baby phase and we still have a lot of kinks to work through. Bear with us as we continue to do so.


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